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Lockers for Restaurants and Kitchens

When you think of lockers, you probably think of locker rooms and health clubs. In truth, though, lockers are extremely versatile, perfect for storage needs in a wide variety of spaces. Have you ever thought about the implications of lockers for kitchens? Whether an industrial kitchen or in a restaurant, a locker is a great organizational space.

  • Lockers are no longer just unattractive wood things with vented doors and combination locks. Wooden lockers, in fact, can add an aesthetic sensibility to a room that’s quite appealing. Lockers can have doors and locks, or they can be open and accessible, depending on the purpose they’re serving.
  • buy clomid boots pharmacy Open lockers are great for purposes of display. In open kitchens visible to diners, they allow you to vary your storage utilization, displaying dishware that you’re proud to show off. They’re also an attractive way to dress up storage.
  • Lockers make for easy access to supplies. In a restaurant, use these lockers as spaces to store aprons, ingredients, uniforms, dishes and more. You can even install lockers in the back room, in which employees can store their personal belongings. In industrial kitchens, wood lockers make a great place to store bulky towel supplies.
  • Lockers with locks can help keep down your costs. As any restaurant or bar owner can tell you, liquor loss can really cost a business some money. By keeping liquor and other big ticket items safely locked away in lockers, you’ll prevent theft and keep your costs under control.

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