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Locker Company Helps Dry Cleaners Better Service Customers

The primary focus of a dry cleaning business is fairly simple—provide quality service and keep the customer happy. Not satisfied with doing the bare minimum, one dry cleaner enlisted the help of a custom locker company to bring quality dry cleaning services closer to their clientele’s homes.

Unique Dry Cleaning Services

The dry cleaning company decided to install custom metal lockers and drop boxes at various apartment complexes and office locations in their area. This enabled them to bring their services to the customers conveniently, and also helped  the company expand into a 24-hour operation.

The dry cleaners enlisted the help of Legacy Lockers, a locker company that approached this project with creativity and enthusiasm. Legacy Lockers created a locker system that functioned seamlessly within the small confines yet also fit the aesthetics of luxury apartments and high-end office spaces.

Locker Creation Spells Success

Legacy Lockers designed a locker 12” deep with a rod that goes in a front-to-back rather than the typical side-to-side configuration. This allows the clothes to hang a specific way and maximize the small space.

They also incorporated the use of a digital lock that allows clients access with a code, and resets itself for the next client to use.

Thanks to the knowledge and creativity of Legacy Lockers, the dry cleaning company continued expanding and now has several locations. What’s more, they have enlisted the help of the locker company for more expansions and more installations, resulting in an increase of clientele and a very happy dry cleaning business.

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