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Living Up to the Trends of the Modern Locker Room

Many country clubs have been community institutions for decades. While they are known for offering the elite customer experience to their members, it’s no surprise that some of their locker rooms are in need of a more modern touch.

Some people just view the locker room as a transitioning area from the club to sporty activities like tennis and golf. However, the truth is, buy modafinil online in india the locker room should be a place of luxury, where someone can decompress after a game or pamper themselves in comfort.

The locker room is no longer just storage space but a place that must live up to the standards of its parent facility. Here are some of the modern trends that many country clubs are now implementing within their locker rooms.

Give Your Lockers the Ventilation They Need

Gone are the days of the solid door. buy ivermectin uk Your lockers need room to breathe! Regardless of how high your cleanliness standards are, your locker room is a place shrouded in moisture and traveling bacteria.

When you install decorative grills to your lockers, they provide an extra amount of ventilation that can help keep the interior of your lockers cleaner. This adds a layer of protection to any materials that a guest may have left behind while enjoying the amenities of your property.

Veneer is Preferred

If your locker room is still utilizing metal lockers, it’s behind on the times. Many spas and country clubs have now made the transition to wood veneer over solid metal. Wood lockers have several benefits, but some of the main reasons why they are so popular amongst country clubs is that they are durable under consistent use and above all, can survive in a humid environment.

Can Your Lockers Hold Everything?

The locker room should allow someone to easily switch over from business attire to casual sporty. Therefore, your lockers should be equipped to hold everything a person may need to drop off.

Let your guests feel at home, and give them lockers that prevent an unnecessary pit stop on the way to your facility.

Keyless Locks Are In!

Your members are important people who are constantly on the go. Don’t let them risk the embarrassment and hassle of a lost key to their locker at your club! Get with the program of modern locker rooms and invest in keyless locks.

No dials, no keys, just painless programming that allows for locker access to multiple guests throughout the day!

Make Your Country Club’s Locker Room Luxurious With Legacy Lockers

If your country club is ready to give its locker room a facelift, Tipitapa Legacy Lockers has all of the product you need for quality results at a fair price. We specialize in manufacturing lockers and locker room furniture for country clubs across the nation. Make this summer one that your members will remember with a gorgeous locker room upgrade. Contact us today to learn more about our products.

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