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Keeping Your Locker Room Motivated

How’s the morale in your locker room? Are your guests and employees upbeat, happy and energetic? Is your team motivated? How can you create the kind of energy in your locker room that makes people happy and keeps them enthusiastic about your facility? Legacy Lockers has a few suggestions.

  • Decorate to promote happiness. The right color can change the ambience of any room. For instance, yellow is perceived as an optimistic color that enhances concentration, but it can tend to provoke tempers and promote discord. You’re better off painting your locker room blue if you want to motivate people to be active and positive. For a soothing, spa-like feel, go with a green hue.
  • Hire joy spreaders. Choose employees based on their upbeat personalities, sense of humor and winning smiles. You want people in your locker room whose enthusiasm is contagious and whose faces radiate happiness.
  • Keep your people inspired. Make your team members, guests and employees feel like an important part of your team and you’ll have a much more inspired work force. Give them input into how the facility runs, plan some outside of work activities, and remember that a simple thank you can often be inspirational.
  • Plan unifying activities. Sponsor fun events, like game nights or socials, to help people at your facility get to know each other and bond. You’ll be creating locker room comradery that can make your place the fun place to hang out. Considering that doing for others makes people feel good, you might also think about holding a food drive, or hosting an event in which people assemble care packages for the impoverished or the troops overseas.
  • Remember that little things can make a big difference. You want to provide a locker room space that is beautiful and functional, and that means choosing the right lockers, furnishings and amenities. Little luxuries matter to people too, like complimentary shampoo and conditioner, fresh, clean, fluffy towels and a sparkling clean locker room.

One thing that can really boost the morale at your facility is having a beautiful locker room space. Athletic lockers don’t have to be boring, and Legacy Lockers can help you create an elegant locker room with design features that inspire people to stick around. Stay tuned to this blog for more information and ideas, connect with our online community by liking us on Facebook or following us on Twitter, or visit the website to learn how to order the perfect lockers for your locker room.

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