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Keeping Your Locker Clean

A locker is a communal space, used by many people over time. Gym lockers hold sweaty gear; school lockers and storage lockers are exposed to germs and allergens, and all lockers reach a point at which they really must be cleaned. But what is the best schedule for locker maintenance to help ensure they withstand the rigors of daily use as well as the test of time? Further, what is the best way to clean a wooden locker? Legacy Lockers has the answers.

It’s a good idea to wipe down lockers every day

Use a soft cloth and a wood cleaning product without silicon-based ingredients, ammonia, wax, or vinegar, so that you won’t mar or dull the wood or cause peeling or splitting. This should keep your lockers in good condition, and if there’s a stubborn stain, you can use a soft brush and a bit of warm water with wood detergent to remove it.

Every few months, it’s time for a deep clean

A regular, detailed cleaning of all the nooks, crannies and hard to reach spots is important if you want to keep your lockers in good shape. Make sure to empty the locker of its contents, so that you can be certain you’ve gotten it completely clean. Occasionally disinfect lockers with a diluted antibacterial solution, taking care to choose a cleaner that does not contain bleach. Wipe this solution onto the cabinets, then immediately wipe again with a clean, damp cloth, and then wipe a third time, with a soft, dry cloth.

Water spots may be the biggest challenge you’ll encounter with wooden lockers

If your lockers have any of these little white spots, it’s important to remove them, as they can eventually erode the finish and damage the wood. To remove water spots, apply a bit of mineral spirits and wipe them away gently with steel wool.

For a lustrous look, polish the outside of your locker

Choose a polish that matches the finish of your wood, rub it onto the locker, and buff it off again with a soft cloth. Work in small sections, to give a beautiful finish to the whole locker.

When you want tips for cleaning a house, you look to an expert like Martha Stewart. When you need tips for maintaining a locker, look to the experts at Legacy Lockers. With over sixty-five years of woodworking experience, Legacy Lockers builds high-quality lockers, using craftsmanship that’s made us a leader in the field of custom lockers. Contact us for more information on maintaining or upgrading your lockers.

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