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How to Use FourSquare To Increase Clubhouse Loyalty

For your clubhouse to be a success, it has to be a special place. You want your clients to feel comfortable enough there to frequent it, and to tell their friends about it. In making your clubhouse the best it can be, you’ve probably already installed luxury lockers and comfortable furnishings, and done your best to spread the word. What else can you do? Social media is your friend when you’re promoting your clubhouse, and an app like FourSquare can be especially useful in making your clubhouse a popular place.

  • Harper Word of mouth is a powerful marketing tool. When your customers check in with an app like FourSquare, they’re raising awareness of your brand, and letting their friends know they like your clubhouse. Create a FourSquare page for your business, and you’ll be more effectively creating interest.
  • Offering FourSquare related promotions can increase loyalty. You can boost the number of check-ins your business is getting, by offering incentives to your clientele. Not only can you use FourSquare to reward brand loyalty, by reaching out to your frequent customers, but you can also us the app to draw in new clients, through new customer promotions.
  • FourSquare allows you to learn about the people who frequent your clubhouse. Think of it this way: traditionally, businesses have only been able to track which customers are coming through the door by, well, watching them come through the door. FourSquare offers free analytics, so you can know who is using your clubhouse and how often. By knowing your customer base, you can be better able to offer programs and incentives that reach them in a meaningful way.
  • Think of FourSquare as a gateway app, bringing attention to you on other social media platforms. Your clients can post their check ins to Facebook and Twitter, giving you even more exposure. This broadens your audience, so that you reach more potential new customers. It can also get conversations started about your businesses, which is always a good thing.

Of course, the first step in increasing clubhouse loyalty is to build a clubhouse worthy of your client’s time. If you need assistance designing the perfect clubhouse, Legacy Lockers is here to help. Legacy Lockers has been creating luxury locker rooms for decades, impressing customers with not only our craftsmanship, but also our outstanding customer service. To find out more about Legacy Lockers, connect with our online community by liking us on Facebook or following us on Twitter; or visit the website for a free estimate, or to learn what Legacy Lockers can do for you.

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