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How to select a wood grain for your Lockers

If you’re choosing lockers, you probably have a good idea of the aesthetic you’re working toward in your locker room. You may be going for a minimalist look, stark and clean, or you may want an atmosphere of lush comfort and elegance. Whatever you’re trying to accomplish in the designing of your locker room space, the wood grain of your lockers will have a big impact on how it all comes together.

  • The size of your space matters. In a small room, deep colors such as rosewood and black walnut can be overwhelming. Especially if there are low ceilings, a light shade such as white ash, birch or white oak is a better option for your locker color.
  • The floor and wall color should figure into the color you choose for your lockers. Choose complementary colors, and make sure they’re of the same color temperature – you don’t want warm walls and floors with cool lockers, or vice versa.
  • Typically, darker colors lend more of an air of elegance. Think of the classic supper club look, and if you’re going for formal, choose a wood grain color like dark walnut, koa or rosewood.
  • Warmer colors make a space feel cozy. Mahogany, cherry, cedar and mesquite are all examples of wood colors that can make a space feel comfortable and welcoming.
  • Natural hardwood shades are good for covering dents and scratches. Going too light or too dark can make stains stand out. Make sure, too, that the surfaces of your lockers are washable.
  • Consider your light source when you’re choosing a wood grain color for your lockers. Incandescent lights are typically warmer than fluorescents, and natural light coming in from a window, door or skylight can impact the way your wood grain appears. Whenever possible, look at samples inside your locker room, so that you’ll see how the wood grain will truly look in your space.

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