How to Outfit a Country Club Locker Room

08-26-2015 |

Are you working to create the perfect country club? How do you think your dollars are best spent, in terms of guest comfort? Are you paying enough attention to the locker room? The best country club is one that offers something more than the competition, one with special amenities and a beautiful locker room with luxury lockers.

It’s easy to think of locker rooms in conjunction with gyms or sweaty sports teams, but in a country club setting, the locker room has the potential to be so much more! It’s the place where friendships begin, business contacts are made and your members go to unwind and refresh. It can also be a big selling point for prospective members, if it’s as attractive and appealing as it is useful.

How do you create a locker room that fits the bill? By paying attention to the details. Outfit it with luxury lockers designed to meet your members’ needs and appeal to their sensibilities. Look for wooden lockers with solid hardwood doors and, perhaps, engraved name plates and custom knobs or pulls. Make sure they have special features to impress your guests, whether those features include drawers, cubby towers, shelves or lock boxes, or just have plenty of space to store clothing and gear.

Don’t shy away from amenities in your locker room, either. Touches like a comfortable seating area or vanities with hair dryers and other accoutrements can make a big difference in your guests’ comfort. Games, too, are a welcome addition to any locker room. While you may not feel a foosball table is quite right for your upscale clientele, an indoor putting green might be the perfect way to help them unwind. A cigar humidor is another elegant touch to make your guests feel pampered and indulged.

When you’re ready to truly make your country club a luxurious space for your guests, Legacy Lockers can help turn your locker room into a thing of beauty. For decades, Legacy Lockers has created locker rooms that are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing, impressing customers with our craftsmanship as well as our outstanding customer service. To find out more about luxury lockers from Legacy Lockers, connect with our online community by liking us on Facebook or following us on Twitter; or visit the website for a free estimate, or to learn what Legacy Lockers can do for you.

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