How to Assign Luxury Lockers to New Organization Members

01-14-2015 |

Luxury locker assignment may not seem like a difficult task, but there are many factors to consider. When new members join your organization, you will find that having a checklist of considerations when assigning lockers can go a long way in protecting both the organization supplying the locker and the member receiving it. Here are some suggestions for creating such a list.

Of course, before you assign a luxury locker to a new member, you’ll have to choose the right lockers for your facility. What’s the aesthetic sensibility of your facility? Which colors would be harmonious? If you’re trying to create an upscale ambience, wooden lockers are probably your best bet. While the lockers are not the sum total of décor choices in your locker room, choosing a luxury locker style can make a big difference in how your organization is perceived.

Once your locker room is established and fitted with lockers, it’s then time to decide about their assignment. You can choose to assign them randomly, allow members to choose their own or decide on a system for assignment. Going in alphabetical order might be convenient when you begin assigning, but can be confusing as you add in more members. Consider the convenience of your members, taking into account any physical limitations that might require a locker assignment that allows for easy access to specific areas, like the restroom, the parking lot or a certain room in the building. You might consider setting aside a block for future use by those who will need special consideration. The way your facility is used will weigh heavily into locker assignment: a swim team will need lockers near the pool, while a football team will need access to the field. You’re the best judge of how members will use your lockers, so think about that usage while you’re making your list.

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