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How Lockers can Influence your Recruiting

When you’re thinking of things that assist in recruiting, do lockers make the list? They should! While the playing field or arena is where athletes work, train, and compete, the locker room is their home away from home. A well-appointed locker room can make or break a potential recruit’s opinion of your facilities.

The word “lockers” stirs up memories of school lockers, metallic and utilitarian, or old gym lockers, often little more than baskets with locks. Today, locker rooms have changed, and so have the lockers they contain. These spaces are now designed to be much more inviting and open, with large individual lockers, designed to be specifically functional as storage lockers for a specific sport or use. With hooks, shelves, and other customizable features, they can be designed in a way that’s perfectly suited for the team they serve.

Wooden lockers are aesthetically pleasing and designed to make a good impression on anyone who visits your locker rooms—including recruits. One question to consider, however, is whether the lockers are waterproof. Fortunately, even the sturdiest and most utilitarian lockers can now be made with waterproof finishes that remain attractive and appealing.

Design an attractive enough locker room and you can make it the first and last stop on any tour of your facilities. Alumni and new recruits alike will be impressed by a well-appointed, comfortable locker room—the former perhaps impressed enough to contribute funding, the latter perhaps impressed enough to join your program. While there are obviously many other considerations recruits will be taking into account, it’s undeniable that imagining themselves at home in comfortably appointed locker room offers them a push in your direction.

Today, Legacy Lockers is America’s foremost creator of customized lockers, offering lockers that are both beautiful and functional for your well-equipped facility. For more information, fill out the form below or call at (866) 291-3395.  

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