How Locker Room Behavior is Changing in Fitness Clubs and Rec Centers

06-6-2014 |

Every aspect of locker room design, from style and placement to decisions about furniture, should factor in to the way people use locker rooms. Today’s consumer is typically on the go; the rushed lifestyle has made an impact on how locker rooms are used. For those who design and maintain locker rooms, it’s good to consider these changes when choosing locker room furniture, including locker room lockers and creating a locker room space.

One of the more interesting shifts noticed by fitness club owners and managers in recent years is the lack of time that clients actually spend in the locker rooms. A place where people used to take showers, change their clothing, and spend significant time before or after workouts, locker rooms are simply not utilized as much anymore. Today, clients typically come in ready to work out and leave as soon as they are finished. That being the case, there’s not as much need for elaborate, spacious locker rooms. Locker room lockers, perhaps with locker room benches in front of them so people can change their shoes, are the primary needs in a locker room. In fact, in some fitness clubs the locker room lockers are not in a separate room at all, but are in the main area of the gym so people can have the security of seeing the area where their personal items are stored while they work out.

Of course, you don’t need to carry it to the extreme and completely do away with your club’s locker room. In fact, if you’re running a college facility focused on recruitment or designing a high-end luxury spa, it may be worth the cost to invest in locker room technology and comfortable locker rooms. However, for the average fitness club it may be time to reassess the amount of money spent on these things and make a plan to streamline your design or renovation plans in a way that works with your customer’s needs and desires.

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