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How Legacy Lockers Revolutionizes the Locker Door

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One of the most defining aspects of the perfect locker is its door. From a lavish look to functional design, your lockerroom’s locker doors can really bring out the most in your brand.

Whether you manage a local high-end spa or are searching for professional looking locker options to provide to your medical training school, legacy lockers has an assortment of wood and laminate door options that will bring out the best of your locker space.
Our Solid Wood Doors Make a Statement About Your Brand
Wood locker doors are special because they present a symbol of strength and durability. Not only does this reflect the value of your Legacy Locker products, but it also creates an undertone of strength within your brand itself.

Solid wood doors let your guests know that you are stable, strong, and eager to stand the test of time to accomplish your goals. Let your custom lockers make a true statement about your brand and experience the benefits that come with our numerous wooden door options.
Benefits of Our Wooden Door Options
Our wooden door options provide our customers with a lasting, sturdy product that can withstand temperatures and conditions of most standard locker rooms. Aside from the durability of solid wood, our designs themselves also offer a splash of functionality that perfects the locker experience.
Raised Panel
Raised panels are a traditional wooden door that gives your lockers a lux look that is essentially timeless. It’s well known that raised panels have always been a sign of wealth and can easily add a touch of aristocracy to any cabinet or locker they adorn.

If you are in the hotel, spa, or country club industries, raised panel locker doors could be a key selling point for any of your members. Although it’s such a minor detail, at the affordable rates that Legacy Lockers guarantees, it’s well worth additional investment.
Full Louvre Doors
There’s no doubt that louvre doors look great on any piece of millwork or custom locker. However, they can also provide actual benefits to your guests and employees that use lockers with these types of doors.

Louvre doors are designed with ventilation in mind and prevent your lockers from becoming a musty storage space.

Louvre doors also mitigate moisture within locker space and can be the perfect selection for a luxury spa that doesn’t want to sacrifice style for efficiency.
Express Your Brand Through Plastic Laminate Locker Doors
Oftentimes, companies that provide “custom” lockers really only give their clients a limited selection of styles when it comes to door choices.

We believe that every client deserves to have a locker that represents their personality. Our laminate locker doors can be customized to match any brand’s ideal colors and can even proudly display any custom logo or slogan.
Level Up Your Locker Quality with Custom Designs from Legacy Lockers
Trust our team of professionals to help you create the ultimate custom locker from planning to completion. We have helped luxury brands nationwide bring out their personality through our locker creations.

No matter the scope of your project or the dimensions of your property, we’re ready to perfect your locker room and shared employee spaces. Contact us today to start the customization process.

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