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How Can Vanities Boost Your Locker Room Appeal?

While we love our custom lockers at Legacy Lockers, our storage space offerings extend beyond our star product. Our team focuses on making the locker room space of our clients the absolute best it can be and is ready to provide our customers with any locker room addition that amplifies the total experience for a customer. 


One of the best products we have to give any locker room the comfort and beauty it deserves is a custom vanity. Here’s a closer look at how our vanity selections can add an extra dimension of functionality and quality to your locker room.

Vanities Keep Cleaning Supplies Out of Sight

If you’re in the spa or hotel business, your locker rooms and bathrooms will eventually need some spot cleaning outside of regular maintenance. When this need arises, you’ll want cleaning supplies readily available. 


However, bottles of bleach and cleaning wipes don’t scream the pinnacle of elegance that your location aims for. Custom vanities solve this problem and allow you to store all of your behind-the-scenes cleaning supplies out of sight and out of mind until you need them.

Vanities Provide Organized Locker Room Space

The locker room is typically a transitional space between athletic/spa activities and regular society. Before re-entering into the real world, people who’ve just showered or broken a sweat like to freshen up and look their best from the comfort of a spacious, organized locker room.


Vanities in a locker room provide the extra counter space members need to spread out their toiletries and take their time grooming themselves to perfection. Prevent toiletry clutter and overcrowding with spacious vanities that allow your guests to comfortably prepare themselves for the next steps in their day while in your locker room.

Custom Vanities Add Style and Property Value

Not only can a custom vanity add an extra layer of comfort and class to your locker room, but it can also increase your property value. When major renovations like a locker room remodel or vanity addition is added to your property.


Although you may not directly see the impact that your renovation has on your commercial property, if you make the decision to sell in the future, your custom vanities will definitely play their part in increasing your ROI.

Legacy Lockers Offers More Than The Average Manufacturer

Most suppliers that offer vanities usually have a selection of pre-made products that severely limits the number of style and size options customers can choose from. At Legacy Lockers, the main selling point of our products is the customized craftsmanship that our customers depend on. 


Our custom designs can match your new lockers or be made to create a new aesthetic in your locker room. Whatever your design needs are, our team of creators can help bring your vision to complete fruition.

Improve the Quality of Your Locker Room With Legacy Lockers

From custom furniture to millwork that creates the ultimate storage center for your customers and employees, Legacy Lockers is proud to say we can do it all. If you’re ready to give your locker room an upgrade that goes above and beyond your expectations, reach out to us today.


Our custom lockers, vanity selections, and furniture pieces could be the perfect fit for your much-anticipated update. Contact us to learn more about our services or to start the customization process.

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