Golfers: Post Game Recovery Starts in the Clubhouse

08-19-2015 |

If you’re a golfer, how do you see the clubhouse? Is it a place to hang out and swap stories, or just a convenient spot to grab a shower and maybe a bite to eat? In truth, you can utilize the clubhouse as a great place to help your body after a strenuous game or an extensive workout.

Casual golfers may wonder why they’d need a day off. While professional athletes train continually to maintain a high level of fitness, many golfers have only a day or two off each week to participate in their chosen sport, and this can lead to stiffness and soreness. Considering that golfers often play well into their later years, it’s no wonder that it’s difficult to recover, when flexibility and elasticity are reduced.

First, make sure you hydrate. Hydration is an extremely important part of recovery and will benefit your entire system. Next, take a shower, alternating one to two minutes of hot water with thirty-second cold blasts to help your tired muscles relax. The shower is also a good place to work out stiffness, using tools like spikey balls or foam rollers. You can also use the clubhouse as a place to stretch before and after your workout or golf game.

If you’re a clubhouse manager or owner, it can be helpful to provide equipment or services to assist your guests in this recovery process. Machines designed to increase blood flow and help the body regain its balance can provide much needed relief, and a light massage works wonders to help golfers and weekend warriors relax. Providing niceties, such as bottled water or ambient music can also aid in the process, at a negligible cost to your organization.

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