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Gender Differences: His vs Her Locker Room

We all know that men and women are different, but does that necessarily impact the locker room? Locker rooms are one size fits all, aren’t they? Design experts say no, and it’s worth considering how the disparate needs of men and women should shape their space at the gym or club.

  • Jimeta To begin with, women need more bathrooms. It’s just a fact of life; women’s restrooms need to be larger and more private than those designed for men. When you’re designing a locker room, take the necessary restroom facilities into account before you finalize your plan.
  • buy Gabapentin online usa Women’s locker rooms should have more counter space, with plenty of electrical outlets. Women will want to blow their hair dry, put on makeup, and get ready for their day after they’re done with their workouts. It’s also smart to design the showers in a women’s locker room to include a private dressing area.
  • On the other hand, men probably need more sinks. Just as women are likely to put on makeup, men often need to shave in the locker room before they head off to work.Because men don’t need a private area to change clothes, a men’s locker room can have a larger number of average sized showers.
  • Men typically need more locker space. It’s a good idea to design men’s locker rooms with lockers tall and deep enough to hang a suit jacket. On the other hand, women’s lockers should have ample hooks for purses and other bags.
  • Lounge areas can be designed differently for men and women. A lounge area designed for women will have comfortable seating and conversation areas. Men might prefer an area with a large television and enough seating to hang out and catch the big game.

Sure, it may take a little forethought to plan for a gender-specific locker room, but once it’s completed, we say “Viva la difference!” No matter how you decide to vary the design, when you’re planning your locker room, remember that women and men alike love the classic look of wooden lockers. Legacy Lockers offers custom wooden lockers to fit every design scheme and locker room plan. To learn more, visit the website, or call 866-937-1088 for more info on lockers custom to your needs.


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