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Fix-A-Locker: Deciding on Wood Locker Repair

At some point during the life of your facility’s locker room, you will inevitably need wood locker repair to preserve and extend the life of your custom wood lockers. Recognizing the need for wood locker repairs is only one aspect of this, though. Not only should you know the warning signs of needing repairs, but you should also understand how to minimize the need for repairs.

Wood Locker Repair: Elements to Consider

Not sure if the custom wood lockers in your facility are in need of repair? Consider these three essential elements and their conditions to determine if you are in need of wood locker repair:

  1. Finish. Is the locker’s finish worn, dented or otherwise damaged? Are signs of cracks, splinters or other damage evident?
  2. Structural integrity of material and hardware. Checking knobs, handles, hinges, doors, shelves and other components of the wood lockers that are part of the structure of the locker itself can help determine if wood locker repair is necessary.
  3. Condition of the floorboard or locker base. Inspect the floorboard or locker base to ensure that repairs aren’t needed.

Repair or Purchase?

One other key factor in determining repair is the extent of the damage. Is it worth getting your custom wood lockers repaired, or should you consider replacing them with newer models? One way to determine this is to price both repair and replacements. While repair may initially seem like the cheaper solution, replacing your line of lockers with ones that are of higher quality and more structurally sound might be the best choice because it’s an investment in efficiency and time.

Legacy Lockers: High Quality Custom Wood Lockers

Custom wood locker construction should be trusted to a builder with experience, understanding and know-how of custom locker construction. Legacy Lockers, a leader in custom wood lockers to suit various applications, prides itself in helping build quality lockers for different uses. Learn more about Legacy Lockers today by calling us at 866-291-3395.


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