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Find the Perfect Seating Option For Your Locker Room

Making a locker room a comfortable place for those who will be utilizing it is one of the most important aspects in designing the room. While the lockers themselves go a long way in determining how a locker room will be used, the type of seating options can make or break a great sports facility or country club locker room.

There are generally two types of seating styles to choose from when planning a locker room. Chair style is a popular option for locker rooms that are designed with a specific team member who is assigned a permanent fixed locker. Bench style is the more popular type of seating option and is often found in facilities that are used by a large number of people. Both options can be used to create a great locker room.

When choosing what kind of seating option is right for your facility you need to consider  the size of the space, the room layout, that budget and cost, who will be using the lockers, and the type of sports team or athletic venue the lockers are in. Talking with a designer at Legacy Lockers will ensure you get the perfect solution for your needs.

Legacy Lockers can create a set of perfectly matched benches to compliment your lockers which will create a clean, crisp looking locker room. Be sure to visit Legacy Lockers to find the complete solution for your locker room and sports facility needs.


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