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Elements to Consider For Custom Laminate Lockers

Applications that require versatile, attractive and cost-effective locker room solutions may consider laminate lockers as a viable alternative to more expensive and high-maintenance options. Custom lockers installation for your business does not have to be a painful and expensive process — there is no need to compromise quality and style simply due to budget limitations.

When designing locker room projects on a budget, where solid wood may not be the best choice either economically or practically, plastic laminate lockers are beautiful, highly functional alternatives that deliver great results at a great value. Here are some key elements to consider when deciding whether laminate lockers are appropriate for your next locker room project.

  • Price, look and feel of locker room design. Whether your next locker room design is for an athletic facility or a high school gymnasium, plastic laminate lockers provide versatility in look, feel and price that is not often found with solid domestic and exotic wood alternatives. When designing custom lockers, it’s important to take these three things into consideration and understand what is feasible, more cost-effective and more fitting to the project. With a variety of colors, textures and finishes, laminate often provides more creative and valuable alternatives that can ultimately enhance the uniqueness of the locker room design for less than ordinary installations.
  • Location of the locker room. Will the lockers be in a high-traffic area, such as a high school or a fitness club? Will they be exposed to environmental factors such as heavy moisture? Unlike certain types of wood, which can be rather delicate and high-maintenance alternatives for some applications, plastic laminate and veneers generally provide highly durable solutions with comparably low maintenance costs. They can withstand constant usage without needing as much care as other more expensive materials.
  • Design specifications. Laminate lockers can be designed to meet the specific needs of a locker room project, whether it requires multiple shelving and compartment configurations, or simply requires one size-specific compartment for multiple-user access areas. For example, laminate can be used for the creation of a gym locker just as well as for classroom storage lockers. Designing with laminate is simple and economical.

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