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Does Your Locker Room Need Locker Locks?

One thing to consider, when designing a locker room, is whether locker locks are a necessity. Not every locker requires a locker lock, and it’s important to know whether the lockers you’re ordering will require locks before you decide on a design. Have you given it any thought? If you have, do you understand all of the locker locks available to you?

Who is going to be using the lockers you install? Students? Athletes? Guests at a health club? For what purpose will the lockers be used, and for what length of time? If students are storing materials in the classroom, you’ll probably want to install open lockers, with no locker locks needed. Similarly, shared athletic gear may not require any locker locks. If, however, your guests will be storing their personal items in a public locker room for an extended time, it’s important for them to know their things are safe and secure.

There are many ways to ensure that security. From simple locker combination locks, to digital locker locks and key cards, Legacy Lockers offers a wide variety of options that use the most reliable and secure locking technologies available.

  • Hasp locks are the type of closure you’re probably familiar with for school locker locks. With a hasp lock, the user brings his or her personal lock, which is slipped through the hasp and fastened.
  • Key locks are a more permanent security solution. Using 2000 key changes to ensure that there are no duplications in the locker room, key locks come with two user keys per lock and two master keys per order.
  • Built-in MasterLock Combination locks are easy and convenient. A secure, three-digit combination allows for security with convenient spring bolt action. There’s a master key override, and five different combinations that can easily be changed with the touch of a button.
  • With a Mechanical Keyless Lock, the user sets his or her own four-digit code. This allows for temporary usage, and a manager key has the capability of rotating the numbers to the current combination, in case management needs access.
  • A Card Lock works by releasing a locker key when the card slides into the back of the lock. Once the key is returned, it is again held captive when the card is removed.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of the locker locks available from Legacy Lockers. With more than 65 years of experience, Legacy Lockers is a company that takes quality and security very seriously, and strives to offer customers the very best products on the market. For more information on locker lock options, and other locker design elements, call Legacy Lockers at (866) 291-3395.   

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