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Design Tips for Your Employee Locker Space

Installing new premium lockers in a limited space isn’t as easy as making the decision and putting your new equipment in place. When dealing with employee locker space, design truly matters. You want to ensure your lockers keep employees comfortable, so thinking through the layout of your space, locker use, and potential foot traffic is essential before you start the initial design process of your lockers.

Garner Here are some of our most helpful design tips when approaching how to create your employee locker space.

Think About Why Your Business Needs Lockers

Take a step back and examine your property’s needs. Ask yourself why you are installing new lockers in the first place.

  • Do your employees have to change out of their street clothes for their job?
  • Does your workspace need personal items stored away?
  • Is your locker location near a swimming pool or wet recreation area?

buy Seroquel with a visa You want to keep the functionality of your lockers in mind and ensure that whatever design that you go with perfectly meets your employee’s needs. 

Whether you need tall lockers with coat hanger amenities to store clothing at a firehouse or require smaller lockers to hold purses and wallets during a shift, you’ll have to have these reasons behind an installation to make your lockers an effective addition to the workplace.

Examine Your Potential Locker Room’s Floor

The space your business has prepared for new lockers must not only be large enough to house your new units, but must also be prepared to last in the long-term. Think back on how the space of your locker room is going to be used. 

Will there be water nearby? If so, can your floor hold up to the threat of mold, mildew and slip hazards? This is an important factor to consider before you deem any available space on your property as your next locker room. 

If you know that your locker space isn’t going to be near any wet environments and will be used by an office team, are your floors comfortable enough to make people want to stay in your locker room? Also, can your current carpet handle constant daily foot traffic? 

You need your room to be safe, and comfortable. So, after taking all of the details of your location into consideration; only then should you move forward with designing your perfect locker room.

Plan for Locker Room Furniture

If your job site is a gym, hospital, or related business, one of the best amenities you could provide for your employees is locker room furniture. Seating areas are essential for keeping your employees comfortable and also serve as useful space for changing in and out of scrubs, protective boots, or any other clothing your business requires.

Check for your Locker Room Flow

buy accutane online europe When designing your locker room, keep the flow of your space in mind. Local building codes require that there is adequate space for employees to maneuver around lockers and locker room furniture.

Work with your design team before locker creation to determine the perfect amount of space for pathways through your locker room. Well-spaced lockers allow for easy access and minimized crowding as your employees utilize their locker space.

Finalize Your Design with Custom Lockers from Legacy Lockers!

If you’ve already mapped out your locker room’s design, it’s time to start thinking about creating your functional space. At Legacy Lockers, we specialize in helping out customers design their lockers to meet their specifications.

Whether you need value lockers or need help selecting furniture for your locker space, our team is here to help. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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