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Design of a Hockey Locker Room

How’s your hockey locker room? Is it a utilitarian place where players go to ditch their gear and move on, or is it somewhere that they might want to stay awhile and socialize? Like a football locker room, a hockey locker room should be more than just a generic changing room. Locker rooms should be designed for the specific sports they’re meant to serve, to accommodate the players who use them.

What are the elements needed in a hockey locker room? Some features, like locker room benches, are universal to all sports. Without a level of customization for your specific use, however, you risk a cluttered, unappealing locker room. A hockey locker room requires several important elements.

  • A locker room needs to be fresh, not musty. Moisture control is a must, and ventilation is crucial when it comes to preventing mold, mildew, and unpleasant odors.  
  • Surfaces have to be tough. Floors, benches, counters, and lockers all need to be durable, to withstand the punishment of skates. Take this into consideration and work with a company that focuses on building storage that will last for many years to come.
  • Hockey gear needs plenty of space. Where do you store things like hockey sticks? Certainly not in traditional lockers. Rather, you need to use a hockey locker, specifically designed to hold all the gear a player needs for practices and games, securing and safekeeping all the necessary tools of the trade.
  • In the end, locker rooms need to be comfortable. This isn’t just where players stop to change in and out of street clothes. It’s where they hang out and relax; therefore, it needs to facilitate these uses as well. Legacy Lockers has all you need to make a functional and well-appointed locker room, from lockers to benches and more. Legacy can even provide lockers with integrated mirrors and electrical cutouts, to serve as dressing stations.

Are you trying to design the perfect hockey locker room for your team? Legacy Lockers can help. America’s foremost creator of customized lockers, Legacy designs lockers that are both beautiful and functional for your well-equipped facility. For more information, fill out the form below or call at 866-291-3395.  

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