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Customize Your Lockers All the Way

Lockers have come a long way through the years. Once they were mere cubbyholes that served as a holding area for a change of clothes and other small items. These days lockers have become a second home to athletes across the country. When choosing the design of your lockers, you may be surprised to learn that there is more to it than just the physical dimensions of a rectangle to choose. Legacy Lockers offers fully customized lockers to meet whatever needs you, or the athletes that will use them, will ever have.

While what is stored inside the lockers may have changed, securing those prized possessions remains of the utmost importance. That is why Legacy Lockers offers a wide range of locks and other security devices that help provide peace of mind to you and those who are using the lockers. From standard Master Locks to more high-tech card readers and RFID technology, the device you choose will help safeguard the contents in your lockers.

Choosing how you will protect the contents of your locker is but one way you can customize your lockers. Legacy Lockers offers a wide range of materials, colors, interiors, and designs when it comes to the actual construction of the locker itself. This means that you will be able to match your new lockers to existing room materials, color schemes, or even complement the colors of your team. This will give a clean, eye-catching look to your locker room.

The interior of the lockers also can be custom designed to fit your needs. Gone are the days you’re your choices were limited to flat shelves or hooks for your locker interior. Lockers can now be customized with shelving for TVs, computers, computer monitors, electrical outlets, and anything else you can think up. The modern locker is no longer a temporary closet; it has become a hub for work or entertainment. With full customization at your fingertips, you can outfit your lockers to meet the technological standards of today.

Legacy Lockers knows that the modern locker room requires more than simple shelves and wood paneling. That is why they have given you endless possibilities to make a locker room that will look and function great not only today, but also for the future. To discuss your facilities needs and creating the perfect state of the art locker, call Legacy Lockers at (866) 291-3395.


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