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Custom Wood Lockers Installation at Element 52 Ski Lodge

Telluride, Colo., is a breathtaking ski resort town draped in luxury, comfort and style. So when Element 52 Ski Lodge decided to add a luxury ski equipment storage room complete with custom wood lockers to its gorgeous facility, they knew that only Legacy Lockers would be able to deliver.

Luxury and Functionality

When it came time for Element 52 to design a ski equipment storage facility that would bring the element of class together with functionality and ease of access, the owners of these new private condominiums met with the knowledgeable experts at Legacy Lockers to find a design that met all of their requirements.

The result? A beautiful, highly functional design featuring wood lockers that included a highly customized door that made the design truly unique. Another unique feature is the custom drain integrated into the locker so that wet snow gear can drain properly. No doubt Element 52 was pleased with the results, as this was one of the changes that really stood out not only with  clients, but also with the customers who ended up purchasing the private, ultra-exclusive condos.

Legacy Lockers: Today’s Superheroes

As a result of the amazing changes made to the condos and the collaboration of client and contractor, the condos sold quickly and amenities had to be extended, bringing Legacy Lockers back for a second project at the exclusive Telluride lodge. Element 52 Ski Lodge is undoubtedly another success story for Legacy Lockers; it serves as an ongoing testament as to how adding the right custom wood locker can liven up and bring out the most beautiful aspects of this lovely resort town.

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