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Custom lockers add to the design and functionality of your facilities, giving your guests something to truly enjoy as they use them. But custom lockers don’t need to be overcomplicated or super-stuffed with useless, fancy features. The key to a great custom wood locker is adding enough of the simple customizations that keep everything looking great and highly functional, without all of the fuss.

Legacy Lockers has been customizing everything from storage to gym lockers for many years, working with each client to ensure that their unique needs are met with beautiful, simplified custom lockers solutions. Here are some great options for keeping your storage locker upgrades simple.

  1. Fixed or adjustable shelves for storing items that cannot be placed on hooks.
  2. Door trays with towel bars that keep the wet, soggy towel from touching other clothing in your locker.
  3. Mirrors that you can use while combing your hair, applying makeup, or making sure that your appearance meets with your approval as you get set to move on with your day or night.
  4. Mail slots for others to leave messages or remind you of upcoming events.
  5. Shoe cubbies that keep your shoes organized during and after your visit.
  6. Shelves, hooks, drawers and more to neatly organize your belongings. With each item having its own space in the locker, there is no worry about lost or dropped items at any point.

These are all locker amenities that are readily available for creating your very own custom lockers at any time, adding functionality as well as style to your facilities. Learn more about these great amenities and how to incorporate them into your locker room design by checking out today.

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