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Custom Lockers: Locks & All the Possibilities

When it comes to custom lockers in locker rooms, nothing is more paramount than security. But comfort and convenience are also very important when considering locks to fit into your custom locker installation. Legacy Lockers understands this, and they take great pride in offering a wide variety of lock configurations, whether your project involves wood athletic lockers or break-room employee lockers.

Locks for Every Application

There are many lock configurations to choose from when it comes to custom lockers. Legacy Lockers’ default lock selection is either a key lock or a padlock hasp.


  • The key lock comes with two used keys and two master keys per order. The padlock hasp enables users to attach their very own personal padlock to secure the locker—a bit like how you may find in a traditional school locker situation. Other basic locks include the high-security hasp and the built-in combination lock.
  • Another option available for custom lockers—one which is a bit more high-tech—is the mechanical keyless lock, which enables users to set their own code or combination without the use of batteries, and without the need of a key.
  • Coin locks collect a coin and give a key to the user, returning that coin when the key is returned to the locker.
  • Card locks enable users to insert a card in the lock and not return the card until the key is removed. Card locks are a great way for staff to determine whose belongings are still in the locker room, while still preventing them and others from occupying more than one locker at a time.
  • Electronic locks enable users to create a code that will temporarily register in the lock, keeping it secure until the person returns and enters the code once again. If a person forgets their code, there are ways to override this, per management.
  • Another high-tech option is the Radio-Frequency Identification or RFID lock. This works by scanning a unique coded card with a radio frequency transmitter—much like work badges—to lock and unlock a door.

Legacy Lockers: Security Options

There are many lock options and configurations available when you choose Legacy Lockers to create your custom lockers. Find out more about lock security and lovely custom lockers options at today.

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