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Custom Lockers Case Study: Camp Edwards

As the U.S, military continues to expand, so too does the need to renovate barracks to accommodate the storage and space needs of our armed forces personnel. Such was the case at Camp Edwards, where Legacy Lockers spearheaded a custom lockers installation in order to bring the barracks up to date. The experts at Legacy Lockers successfully tackled each challenge of the project.

Camp Edwards: Challenges and Opportunities

Working with the U.S. government, Legacy Lockers designed custom wood lockers that fit the spaces in each of the barracks. With four lockers to a room, they were 24 inches wide with red oak interiors. The project was not without its challenges:

  • The configuration of the locker room was the first challenge in creating custom lockers for the soldiers training at Camp Edwards. Because of the double doors on the lockers, the locking mechanism was modified so that one lock could secure both doors.
  • Adding to the installation difficulties, the three-story barracks only had stairs to reach the second and third floors.

Legacy Lockers met these challenges head on, creating custom wood lockers for the barracks that perfectly serve the needs of military personnel at Camp Edwards. It helped that the knowledgeable and creative crew at Legacy Lockers knew exactly what to do to get the job done efficiently and before the tight deadline, in order to ensure that soldiers had ample storage space and could begin performing their duties once they moved in.

The project was so successful that, when it came time for Camp Edwards to renovate two additional buildings, personnel contacted Legacy Lockers to handle the projects.

Legacy Lockers: Custom Lockers for Every Application

Whether it is barracks at a military base or lockers at a high school gymnasium, Legacy Lockers creates quality custom wood lockers that can be installed quickly and efficiently while providing excellent service and the utmost care. When you choose Legacy Lockers, there is no doubt that the project will be completed to your absolute satisfaction. Learn more about Legacy Lockers by visiting today.

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