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Creating A Custom Locker Room | Things to Consider

Whether you own a spa salon, oversee a country club or manage an athletic facility, creating a custom locker room involves many elements. Locker rooms serve unique purposes in terms of their location, and budget and functionality become the biggest considerations when it comes to determining which choices are best for your facility.

Key Elements Influencing Locker Room Design

What key elements influence the design and functionality of a locker room? No matter what kind of facility you own or manage, there are a few questions you must ask yourself in order to effectively design a locker that suits its intended purpose and doesn’t interfere with the integrity, functionality, or budget of the overall operation.

  • What size lockers are needed, and what function will they serve? Are you designing a locker room for a fitness center? Do lockers need to be very big in a fitness center? Facility managers often fail to truly consult a locker construction expert and they miss out on opportunities to understand size and functionality requirements for the designed locker room.
  • Where will the locker room be located? If the locker room will be in a work facility, it may not need to be quite as large as a locker room in a gym. Knowing the exact location is essential for design.
  • Will you need benches or other furniture inside the locker room? Furniture can make a custom locker room into a home away from home, particularly those in beautifully renovated collegiate facilities. Long Beach State University, for instance, not only added custom lockers, but also locker room furniture in an adjacent area for students to keep up with their studying.
  • Will it be located near a high-moisture area? Locker rooms with showers, or those located near pools or areas of high humidity require materials that are resistant to moisture.
  • What additional elements are important for this project? Study halls, shower locations, meeting places, equipment storage, changing area, restrooms, coaches offices, game strategy room… the list goes on and on in terms of what other elements and amenities may be important for the custom locker room you’re designing.

Legacy Lockers: Custom Locker Room Experts

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