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  • 5 ways to build locker room culture

    5 Ways to Build a Better Locker Room Culture

    What’s the most important thing about your locker room? What is it that makes it worth your investment ? No matter the industry, the answer is always the same: The people.  How can you build a better locker room culture, the type that makes people want …

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  • Clubhouse custom wood lockers are a major trend

    Legacy Locker’s Latest Trends for Clubhouses

    At Legacy Lockers, we believe that style is just as important to a locker room as function. That’s why we help our clients design luxury locker rooms that are as aesthetically pleasing as they are practical. Are you up-to-date on the latest clubhouse trends? Here, …

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  • Locker rooms are full of superstitions, as discussed by Legacy Lockers.

    Legacy Lockers’ Guide to Superstition

    At Legacy Lockers, we know Locker rooms are places of comradery and energy, but they’re also often brimming with superstition. How about your locker room? You may have installed wooden lockers because they look good, but those who use your locker room may find them useful …

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  • High quality athletic facilities require high quality athletic lockers

    Investing in Athletic Facilities Can Help Build Champions

    How important is your athletic facility in the grand scheme of your athletic program? Is the locker room vital to the success of your athletes, or is it enough to have good coaches and talented players? Interestingly, there’s a striking commonality among successful college athletic …

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  • Assigning luxury lockers to new members

    How to Assign Luxury Lockers to New Organization Members

    Luxury locker assignment may not seem like a difficult task, but there are many factors to consider. When new members join your organization, you will find that having a checklist of considerations when assigning lockers can go a long way in protecting both the organization …

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  • Selecting Wood Lockers that Complement your Team Colors

    Selecting Wood Lockers that Complement Your Team Colors

    If you’re trying to design an upscale locker room, wood lockers are the obvious choice. Durable and visually pleasing, wood lockers elevate your locker room to an aesthetic far above the look of traditional gym lockers. But, did you know you could choose a wood …

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  • Team Locker Room Renovations

    At Legacy Lockers, we start with ¾” thick wood veneer, plastic laminate or melamine materials to provide an attractive and long lasting locker. Most team lockers have integrated seating; however, your locker can be designed so that the athlete sits inside or in front of …

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  • Classic wooden lockers for basketball locker room

    Wood Lockers: One of Many Facility Upgrades at Long Beach State

    Debbie and Glen Bickerstaff, longtime supporters of Long Beach State University athletics, saw the value in upgrading the Walter Pyramid locker rooms used by the men’s and women’s basketball and volleyball teams. Those upgrades are part of a long-term plan to take the school’s athletic …

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  • Custom Wood Lockers Improve Football Facilities at Benedictine University

    Benedictine University’s recent construction of the Borsellino Family Football Center, which includes brand new custom wood lockers from Legacy Lockers, did more than improve the facilities for the thriving athletic program. A Timely Transformation The improvements to the school’s football facilities were a welcomed change …

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