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  • Host a barber in your athletic locker rooms

    Fresh Cut: Locker Room Barber Series

    Have you considered hosting a barber in your locker room? It’s an unusual idea, but perhaps not for long. Locker room barbers are really taking off, especially in the world of college sports. It’s no surprise, really, that college team locker rooms would be on …

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  • Clubhouse custom wood lockers are a major trend

    Legacy Locker’s Latest Trends for Clubhouses

    At Legacy Lockers, we believe that style is just as important to a locker room as function. That’s why we help our clients design luxury locker rooms that are as aesthetically pleasing as they are practical. Are you up-to-date on the latest clubhouse trends? Here, …

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  • Locker rooms are full of superstitions, as discussed by Legacy Lockers.

    Legacy Lockers’ Guide to Superstition

    At Legacy Lockers, we know Locker rooms are places of comradery and energy, but they’re also often brimming with superstition. How about your locker room? You may have installed wooden lockers because they look good, but those who use your locker room may find them useful …

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  • Keep Your Locker Room Moticated

    Keeping Your Locker Room Motivated

    How’s the morale in your locker room? Are your guests and employees upbeat, happy and energetic? Is your team motivated? How can you create the kind of energy in your locker room that makes people happy and keeps them enthusiastic about your facility? Legacy Lockers …

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  • When you have inviting sports lockers, your guests feel more at home

    Luxury Lockers Invite Guests to Relax, Linger & Build Chemistry

    Luxury lockers are a good investment, because they raise the aesthetic appeal of your locker room, adding value to your club. But what’s the real appeal? Lockers are more than just a place to store things, and custom made luxury lockers can make all the …

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  • Design of a hockey locker room

    Design of a Hockey Locker Room

    How’s your hockey locker room? Is it a utilitarian place where players go to ditch their gear and move on, or is it somewhere that they might want to stay awhile and socialize? Like a football locker room, a hockey locker room should be more …

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  • Gym locker room

    Get the Best Looks and Functionality in your Gym Lockers

    When you think about gym lockers, you probably focus on functionality rather than aesthetic appeal. This is reasonable because gym lockers need to serve a very utilitarian purpose and must be roomy and sturdy enough accommodate your needs. On the other hand, why can’t you …

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  • Renovations for custom sports lockers

    Custom Sports Lockers and Team Locker Room Renovations

    Locker room renovations entail more than simply replacing old metal sports lockers and upgrading from generic showerheads. Team locker rooms have evolved into more technologically advanced, modern versions that serve many purposes. Legacy Lockers offers the latest in customized options, whether you are renovating old …

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  • Aquatics sports lockers

    Sports Lockers | Locker Rooms for Aquatics Facilities

    Everyone knows that the moment you step into the indoor community pool complex, the entire air changes, heavy with the feeling of moisture; so you can only imagine what effect those conditions have on the sports lockers inside the changing areas of these community pool …

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  • College sports lockers

    Eastern New Mexico University Sports Lockers Increase Recruit Appeal

    When it comes to what makes a university’s athletic program appealing to top high school recruits, every detail is important, from the sports lockers to the training facilities. Outdated facilities, less-than-impressive amenities and old equipment are all factors that drive young athletic talent away from …

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