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  • Him and Her both benefit equally from wooden lockers

    Gender Differences: His vs Her Locker Room

    Point Pleasant We all know that men and women are different, but does that necessarily impact the locker room? Locker rooms are one size fits all, aren’t they? Design experts say no, and it’s worth considering how the disparate needs of men and women should shape their …

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  • Dream locker room

    When it Comes to Locker Room Design & Innovation, Wood is Good Just the Way it Is.

    What comes to mind when you picture a locker room? You might envision a room full of padlocked lockers with wooden benches and towels flung about, or you might think of posh surroundings, full of the latest technological advancements and design trends. No matter what …

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  • Ways to honor greatness in the locker room

    Ways to Honor Greatness in the Locker Room

    Is your locker room full of heroes? If you work for a sports organization, a police station or a firehouse, your answer is probably yes. So how do you honor those among you who truly deserve it? Public recognition is wonderful, but there’s something intimate …

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  • Tasteful ways to decorate a locker room this holiday season

    Tasteful Ways to Decorate a Locker Room for the Holidays

    The holidays are approaching, and if you’re in charge of a health club or country club, you’re probably thinking about how to bring holiday cheer into the locker room. It’s a festive time of year, but decorating a shared space requires a light touch and …

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  • Symbolic Meaning of a Locker Room

    Symbolic Meaning of a Locker Room – a Team’s Temple

    We’ve all heard that a man’s home is his castle, but where does that leave the locker room? For many teams, it’s their temple, where they go for fellowship, for contemplation, to reflect on their best moments and to revere their heroes. The reality is, …

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  • Keeping a clean locker room is easier with towel stations

    Keeping Your Locker Room Clean and Functional with Towel Stations

    Making your locker room functional and appealing for your guests involves more than installing attractive and useful lockers. While the right locker can be the biggest draw in a locker room, there are also furniture pieces that can help provide a more pleasant experience for …

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  • Keeping your lockers clean is easy

    Keeping Your Locker Clean

    A locker is a communal space, used by many people over time. Gym lockers hold sweaty gear; school lockers and storage lockers are exposed to germs and allergens, and all lockers reach a point at which they really must be cleaned. But what is the …

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  • Does your wooden locker need a lock

    Does Your Locker Room Need Locker Locks?

    One thing to consider, when designing a locker room, is whether locker locks are a necessity. Not every locker requires a locker lock, and it’s important to know whether the lockers you’re ordering will require locks before you decide on a design. Have you given …

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  • Locker room with wooden lockers and jerseys

    The Locker Room: A Team’s Temple

    If a man’s home is his castle, the argument can certainly be made that the locker room is his team’s temple. Given the devotion shown to sports by fans and players alike, it’s not much of a stretch to consider the place where these players …

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  • College team lockers

    How Lockers can Influence your Recruiting

    When you’re thinking of things that assist in recruiting, do lockers make the list? They should! While the playing field or arena is where athletes work, train, and compete, the locker room is their home away from home. A well-appointed locker room can make or break …

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