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  • How Can Vanities Boost Your Locker Room Appeal?

    While we love our custom lockers at Legacy Lockers, our storage space offerings extend beyond our star product. Our team focuses on making the locker room space of our clients the absolute best it can be and is ready to provide our customers with any …

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  • Custom wood lockers

    How Legacy Lockers Revolutionizes the Locker Door

    One of the most defining aspects of the perfect locker is its door. From a lavish look to functional design, your lockerroom’s locker doors can really bring out the most in your brand. Whether you manage a local high-end spa or are searching for professional …

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  • School hallway with lockers

    Is it Time to Upgrade Your Commercial Lockers?

    If your business offers locker access to its employees or clientele, you want to make sure that your lockers are always a functional and well-worthy investment. However, lockers don’t hold up forever, and eventually, their functionality, aesthetic, or overall appearance could become a glaring stain …

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  • school lockers for sale

    Design Tips for Your Employee Locker Space

    Installing new premium lockers in a limited space isn’t as easy as making the decision and putting your new equipment in place. When dealing with employee locker space, design truly matters. You want to ensure your lockers keep employees comfortable, so thinking through the layout …

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  • wood lockers

    4 Workplace Locker Designs That Keep Your Business Moving

    Lockers are essential pieces of work equipment that not only store belongings but make your workplace a better place for business. While most people approach buying new lockers as a simple selection of standard lockers, there are so many features that can be added through …

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  • Made in USA

    Why American-Made Lockers Are The Best Choice for the 2020 School Year

    The 2019-2020 school year brought some unexpected twists and turns for Texas districts. With many students having to leave their lockers early for the year due to the spread of coronavirus, it’s no surprise that several schools are making moves to freshen up their halls …

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  • Custom wooden lockers

    Top Locker Considerations Before Reopening

    COVID-19 has disrupted our way of life in both socially and economically ways. Many businesses were forced to close down until further notice, and people are more concerned than ever about how their products are being handled. However, with the possibility of an economic reopening …

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  • Tips for a Successful Locker Installation

    5 Tips to Ensure a Successful Locker Installation

    When you are ready to upgrade your business’ locker room, make sure to go with the professionals at Legacy Lockers. Not only do we have the supply and style that you need for your redesign, but we also provide the information necessary for a successful …

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  • Office locker

    5 Reasons Your Business Needs Company Lockers

    You may not realize it, but custom lockers can be a real benefit to your business. Investing in your business and employees is important for a successful experience as an owner. Find out these five reasons why your business is in need of custom lockers …

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  • Locker Organization

    5 Locker Organization Tips

    Whether you are a student in middle school or an employee at a large company that utilizes custom lockers, organization can be a tricky situation. Having a busy schedule can be difficult no matter where you work or go to school. If you have lockers …

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