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  • Luxury lockers are installed to make clubhouses the best they can be

    How to Use FourSquare To Increase Clubhouse Loyalty

    For your clubhouse to be a success, it has to be a special place. You want your clients to feel comfortable enough there to frequent it, and to tell their friends about it. In making your clubhouse the best it can be, you’ve probably already …

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  • Wooden lockers are a perfect fit for any country club

    How to Outfit a Country Club Locker Room

    Are you working to create the perfect country club? How do you think your dollars are best spent, in terms of guest comfort? Are you paying enough attention to the locker room? The best country club is one that offers something more than the competition, …

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  • Legacy Lockers has worked to create luxury locker rooms.

    Golfers: Post Game Recovery Starts in the Clubhouse

    If you’re a golfer, how do you see the clubhouse? Is it a place to hang out and swap stories, or just a convenient spot to grab a shower and maybe a bite to eat? In truth, you can utilize the clubhouse as a great …

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  • Legacy Lockers' golf club lockers come in many variations

    Legacy Locker’s Clubhouse Guide to Fantasy Football

    Does your clubhouse have a fantasy football league yet? As popular as these leagues are, your clients are probably already forming them, so why not sponsor a clubhouse league?  It’s as easy as setting up a league online, throwing a draft party and then kicking …

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