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Blog #100! A Look Back at Some of our Favorite Wooden Locker Blogs

At Legacy Locker, we’re pretty fond of the wooden locker. We understand a set of these luxury lockers can enhance a locker room and bring an elevated sense of style to an otherwise utilitarian space. How much do we love wooden lockers? More than 100 blog posts worth! That’s right, this is our 100th post, and we’re feeling a bit nostalgic. With that in mind, here’s a look back at some of our favorite wooden locker blog posts.

  • In this post, we discussed the importance of selecting the right locker locks for your custom luxury lockers.
  • Here, we delved into ways to repurpose old metal lockers when you’re upgrading to a wooden locker design.
  • Last February, we posted this handy guide to identifying high-quality craftsmanship in wooden lockers.
  • This post discussed the relative environmental friendliness of different types of lockers.
  • Lockers aren’t all we do, and in this post, we talked about choosing furniture for your locker room.
  • Locker placement was the subject of this blog post, which talked about the advantages of having lockers in wide-open spaces.
  • Because we know that lockers aren’t just for athletes, we wrote this post, about how dry cleaners can benefit from a wooden locker installation.
  • Customers trying to choose between locker companies will benefit from reading this piece on deciding on the best bid.
  • Here, we talked about how the military is benefiting from high-end lockers.
  • In this post, we looked at the impact your locker room can have on your recruitment possibilities.

As we press forward into the next 100 posts and beyond, we will continue to provide relevant content for our customers, whether we’re discussing how a wooden locker upgrade can improve a locker room or looking for ways to help our customers make decisions about the style and design of their athletic facilities. What would you like to see us address? How can we help you create the perfect locker room? Stay tuned to this blog for more information, connect with our online community by liking us on Facebook or following us on Twitter, or visit the website to learn how to order the perfect custom lockers for your locker room.

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