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  • Locker Organization

    5 Locker Organization Tips

    06-26-2018 |

    Whether you are a student in middle school or an employee at a large company that utilizes custom lockers, organization can be a tricky situation. Having a busy schedule can be difficult no matter where you work or go to school. If you have lockers …

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  • Custom Laminate Lockers

    6 Benefits of Ordering Custom Laminate Lockers

    Legacy Lockers is proud to provide the highest quality of custom lockers for businesses of all types. While we offer several material selections, we believe that laminate lockers really provide several benefits to the customers that order them. Here are our six reasons why laminate …

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  • Are laminate lockers for you? Sports locker

    7 Reasons Schools Need Custom Laminate Lockers

    With safety being a key requirement in schools across the nation, there has never been a better time than now to invest in custom laminate lockers. Most schools have older metal lockers that come with their own sets of issues. Here are seven reasons why …

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  • Differences Between Custom Lockers

    3 Different Types of Lockers and Their Aesthetics

    When one really thinks about it, lockers are extremely important aspects of our lives. Whether it is at a quick visit to the gym, at school, or in something as random as an amusement park, lockers are responsible for holding our belongings and ensuring that …

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  • Custom Lockers

    3 Tips for Designing a Custom Locker

    When your business needs a new set of custom lockers, designing them to be just the right fit is important. Take a few design tips from the experts and find out how you can get a head start on your installation process. 1. Location of …

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  • Legacy Lockers has a broad selection of wooden lockers

    Facts About 10 Wood Species for Custom Lockers

    What are wood lockers made of? Well, wood, of course, but what kind of wood? Legacy Lockers has a broad selection of wooden lockers to go with any type of décor or sensibility. Here are some interesting facts about some of the wood used in …

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  • Legacy lockers provides our customers with beautiful wooden lockers

    Ways to Outfit a Ski Lodge Locker Room

    Is the locker room universal, or do different locations and activities require different types of locker rooms? This is a question worth asking, especially when you’re pondering a locker room in a ski lodge. How can you design your locker room to better accommodate skiers …

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  • Legacy Lockers creates upscale health club lockers

    Five Regrettable Health Club Trends of The Past

    How long has the health club been an institution? Today’s gyms may seem like a modern convenience, but they really have a history that dates back to ancient Greece. Back then, gyms were a bit different. For one, attendees were required to oil up their …

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  • Host a barber in your athletic locker rooms

    Fresh Cut: Locker Room Barber Series

    Have you considered hosting a barber in your locker room? It’s an unusual idea, but perhaps not for long. Locker room barbers are really taking off, especially in the world of college sports. It’s no surprise, really, that college team locker rooms would be on …

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  • Thank you for supporting Legacy lockers

    Locker Room Etiquette Tips

    If you spend any amount of time at the gym, you probably end up in the locker room at some point. Do you practice good locker room etiquette? After a grueling workout, people can get grumpy. Knowing how to stay within your own boundaries can …

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