• Custom locker keypad and name plates

    Track Usage and Survey Users before Upgrading your Locker Room

    no rx Seroquel 06-13-2014 |

    Upgrading a locker room is challenging and can be somewhat complicated and expensive. It’s easy, however, to miss the mark during an upgrade and end up with a locker room that’s not the most functional space for the people who use it. Enlisting the services of …

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  • Custom wood gym lockers

    How Locker Room Behavior is Changing in Fitness Clubs and Rec Centers

    Every aspect of locker room design, from style and placement to decisions about furniture, should factor in to the way people use locker rooms. Today’s consumer is typically on the go; the rushed lifestyle has made an impact on how locker rooms are used. For …

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  • Wooden locker doors

    Selecting the Best Locker Doors

    Locker doors are not something to which most people give much thought. The locker door is nonetheless a crucial component of every locker. Choosing the right locker doors can be the key to creating an attractive and functional locker room while giving your facility a …

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  • Lockers in delivery truck

    Reviewing Bids from Locker Companies

    If you’re choosing lockers for your facility, you already know there are a variety of locker companies vying for your business. Some options are easily eliminated because of shady practices or inferior products, but how do you choose between the rest? Whether you’re shopping for …

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  • Gym locker

    How Your Gym Locker Looks Can Affect Your Bottom Line

    The humble gym locker rarely gets the respect it deserves. It’s not a flashy piece of workout equipment, doesn’t come with a sound system or lure you in with bright colors and high technology – it’s just there, day after day, sturdy and dependable, doing …

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  • Keeping your lockers clean is easy

    Keeping Your Locker Clean

    A locker is a communal space, used by many people over time. Gym lockers hold sweaty gear; school lockers and storage lockers are exposed to germs and allergens, and all lockers reach a point at which they really must be cleaned. But what is the …

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  • Custom metal lockers for musicians

    Music Instrument Storage Lockers

    Storage lockers are versatile, and can be used to store everything from cleaning supplies and sporting equipment to clothing and schoolbooks. One type of item that requires specific customization in storage lockers, though, is a musical instrument. Musical instruments come in a wide variety of …

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  • What to look for in bids from locker companies

    What to Look for in Bids from Locker Companies

    If you’re designing or refurbishing a locker room, you’re probably shopping around among locker companies. Evaluating numerous bids can be overwhelming, though, and requires some careful thought. To make sure you’re comparing the right factors of the bids from different locker companies, consider the following …

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  • Legacy Lockers is a true American Locker Company

    Legacy Lockers, an American Locker Company

    When you’re looking for a locker company, there are many factors to consider. Quality is probably your top consideration, with cost coming in a close second. What other features influence your thoughts about a locker company? Here are some things that make Legacy Lockers a …

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  • Does your wooden locker need a lock

    Does Your Locker Room Need Locker Locks?

    One thing to consider, when designing a locker room, is whether locker locks are a necessity. Not every locker requires a locker lock, and it’s important to know whether the lockers you’re ordering will require locks before you decide on a design. Have you given …

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