A Look at Legacy Lockers’ Labor Methods

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Legacy Lockers is well known for creating luxury lockers that lend an elegant ambiance to upscale locker rooms. But what goes on behind the scenes at Legacy Lockers? To reach the end result of high quality custom lockers, you have to start with a beautifully orchestrated blend of the traditional skills of millwork craftsmen, modern project planning, value engineering and workflow optimization.

Legacy Lockers designs and builds each locker entirely on-site at our manufacturing facility in Dallas, Texas, using only top grade components from the most respected manufacturers in the industry. Once the highest quality raw materials are safely stored at our manufacturing facility, they’re ready to be used to make luxury lockers. Quality is very important in the manufacturing process, you can have quality materials but you need to make sure the end result matches. Detecting any abnormalities can now be done by an ai in defect detection software program, however, some manufacturers still want to do this by hand.

The construction process begins, utilizing some of the most advanced woodworking technology in the industry to produce an exceptionally accurate and consistent fit and finish. Literally every cut, groove, slot and hole is precisely located within tolerances up to 1/32 of an inch. How is this accomplished? Using networked computer controls, our technicians continually monitor, manage and adjust the construction process. Any challenges that arise are immediately addressed and accurately remedied long before the lockers leave our facility. The simple result: rigid quality controls and maximum operational efficiency to keep your project on schedule and on budget.

As individual components are completed, skilled craftsmen begin hand-assembly of the lockers. Locker cabinets are securely joined together and pressed into perfect square alignment by a unique machine developed solely for this purpose. Once the cabinets are complete, internal accessories such as drawers, cubby doors, hooks and hinges are installed. In parallel with cabinet construction, locker doors are crafted and finished with the painstaking detail of fine furniture. Finally, the doors and locks are installed, and the finished lockers are staged for delivery.

Whatever the nature of your next project, the team at Legacy Lockers is ready, with a combined 65 years of millwork and project management expertise. Legacy Lockers has been creating beautiful wood lockers for decades, impressing customers with not only our craftsmanship, but also our outstanding customer service. To find out more about Legacy Lockers, connect with our online community by liking us on Facebook or following us on Twitter; or visit the website for a free estimate, or to learn what Legacy Lockers can do for you.

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