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A Look at How Far Premium Lockers Have Come

Lockers are common use in many everyday settings. From the office to even theme parks, lockers are something that many people use without a second thought. However, it should be known that the world of buy prednisone online usa customizable lockers and efficient locks was not always in existence.

Lockers have been around for centuries with the purpose of holding the items of the people. Over the years, systems have evolved into the lockers that society has become familiar with. At Legacy Lockers, we respect the history of our craft and feel that an appreciation of past iterations of our product can help make the installation of your new custom lockers that much more exciting.

Early Lockers

Some of the earliest recorded instances of lockers stem from the ancient Romans. One of the most obvious signs of locker use can be found in the ruins of the city Pompeii. This area was covered in ash when Mount Vesuvius erupted in 79 AD and the discovery of their technology wasn’t found until the late 1700s.

Visitors to the site of Pompeii can bear witness to some of the first lockers in the world. The bathhouses of Pompeii hold several small cubbies in them where belongings could be stored. Although these lockers did not have doors or locks on them, it is believed that these areas were guarded as clients used the bathhouse.

Were There Locks Back Then?

Yes, the lockers at Pompeii did not have doors or locks, but the Romans were perfectly capable of providing them. Locks have actually been in existence since the times of the ancient Egyptians. In fact, they hold the record for the oldest preserved lock, dating back to 2,000 BC.

Egyptian locks and keys were made entirely of wood and were the inspiration of the still widely used pin tumbler. Prior to these inventions’ latches were used to bolt off religious areas and valuables. The creation of these more evolved locks made the preservation of sacred areas that much more reliable.

Romans took the Egyptian lock a few steps further and developed their variations out of iron. They also implemented slots that were specifically designed for certain keys to fit into and turn. Essentially, creating the door lock that all of us have on our homes today.

How Have We Evolved?

In Roman times lockers were used to store goods.  Lockers today are more than just storage. They add personality to your locker room, office or gym with a variety of colors, styles, and woods.  Technology has made lockers more functional and secure than the old Roman lockers and increased the number of opportunities for you to use a locker in your facility.  

Step Into The Future Of Lockers With Legacy Lockers

Legacy Lockers is proud to provide some of the best lock technology and attractive locker products to their customers.  Legacy can provide you with high-quality, stylish lockers and guide you through the process of acquiring and installing lockers.

Contact us today to get started with adding lockers and upgrading your facility.

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