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7 Ways You Can Benefit from Wood Lockers

Wood lockers add an ambiance to the locker room at your gym or clubhouse that is unmistakable, giving your clientele a much more upscale experience than facilities with traditional metal lockers. But what makes wood lockers so special? Here are seven great benefits of switching to wood lockers.

1. Wood Lockers Have Natural Beauty

There’s a reason that wood finishes are designed to show the natural lines in the wood – the patterns in wood are beautiful, all on their own. Bring a natural touch of beauty to your locker room and give your guests the comfort and sense of peace that wood naturally brings to an environment.

2. Wood is a Green Option

Wood pulls carbon from the atmosphere, which helps in the fight against climate change. As the demand for wooden products rises, it leads to more forest cover, with well-managed forests growing on cleared land. Responsibly sourced wood is a renewable resource.

3. Wood Lockers Have a Timeless Style

From the boardroom to the clubhouse, wood has always been considered the standard for elegance, and wood lockers will bring that grace to your locker room.

4. Being Around Wood has Measurable Health Benefits

Wood has been shown to lower heart rate and stress responses which can encourage greater interaction between people, which is a huge benefit to the locker room atmosphere.

5. Wood Lockers are Completely Customizable

Although metal lockers are a popular choice amongst consumers, many don’t realize how limited their options are with this material choice. Your locker room needs to be a space of style and comfort, which requires customization.

Metal lockers come in limited sizes, configurations, and colors, meaning that your personal preference isn’t usually an option. Wood lockers throw open the doors for customization and allow customers to appropriately select their

  • Custom design
  • Locker size
  • Wood finishes

6. Wood Provides Flexible Decor

Wood lockers can be elegant or casual, and all you really need to change is the furnishings and aesthetic wallpaper around them. In most cases, a wood locker can match any type of interior design. In other words, whether you are installing wooden lockers in your office or spa, by making some changes here and there you may be able to blend them in with your interior decor.

7. Wood Lockers are Easy to Maintain

When installing lockers in a locker room, maintenance is a concern that should take top priority. You want a locker that can handle every day cleanings without rough products like vinegar and ammonia.

The wood lockers from Legacy Lockers are simple to maintain. All you need is a soft cloth and your favorite wood-cleaning product. Wipe them down regularly, and your wood lockers will stay beautiful.

Create The Locker Room of Your Dreams With Legacy Lockers

If you’re ready to make the switch to wood lockers, Legacy Lockers can help. Legacy Lockers has been creating beautiful luxury lockers for decades, impressing customers with not only our craftsmanship but also our outstanding customer service. To find out more about Legacy Lockers and what we can do for you, contact us today! We can’t wait to make your locker room vision a reality.

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