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7 Reasons Schools Need Custom Laminate Lockers

With safety being a key requirement in schools across the nation, there has never been a better time than now to invest in custom laminate lockers. Most schools have older metal lockers that come with their own sets of issues. Here are seven reasons why your school should ditch unreliable metal lockers and switch over to a more affordable and trustworthy solution in custom laminate lockers.

1. They Are Durable

If you have school lockers, then durability matters. Metal lockers may be strong, but they can easily suffer from scratches and dents through impact and constant use. With laminate lockers from Legacy Lockers, your school will have more durable lockers that can handle impact without the danger of scratching and dents.

2. They Create Less Noise in the Halls

Metal lockers are known to be very loud and create several creaks and clangs when they are used. In a place of learning, this can be a major distraction. Noise reduction in school is important and by moving away from metal lockers, you can reduce noise because our lockers have a softer sound, resulting in both happier students and faculty.

3. No Rust Means Improved Air Quality

Over time, metal lockers begin to collect moisture and humidity, resulting in rust. In more severe cases, these lockers may even begin to sprout mold. Mold creates poor air quality in any place that it grows. By switching to laminate style lockers, your school will be able to avoid rust, mold, and poor air quality due to old and failing lockers.

4. More Security

Although metal lockers can take a hit, they still have their weaknesses. Students will find that security with metal lockers is not as reliable as laminate lockers. With laminate lockers, we have a safer storage system because you have the option of designing the locker to have built-in locks and decide on what type of lock you believe will be the best fit for your school population.

5. Minimal Maintenance Costs

Since these lockers are more durable and don’t collect moisture, maintenance is a problem of the past. Look forward to less time dedicated to cleaning and repairing lockers, and more time focusing on your students and other aspects of your campus.

6. Installation is a Snap

Our lockers are so easy to install that most of our customers insist on installing them on their own. Metal lockers can be complex during installation. However laminate lockers require less time to install and even less effort.

7. Design them Your Way

Your school is unique, and we know that you will have specific colors and designs in mind for your custom lockers. With laminate lockers, you will be able to choose from a wide variety of designs and colors that will help make your lockers reflect your school spirit.

Choose Legacy Lockers for Custom School Lockers

Making sure that your school is secure is top priority. Legacy Lockers is proud to provide a product that will keep your student and faculty’s belongings safe. Get in touch with us today to explore the products that we offer to schools like yours.

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