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6 Benefits of Ordering Custom Laminate Lockers

Legacy Lockers is proud to provide the highest quality of custom lockers for businesses of all types. While we offer several material selections, we believe that laminate lockers really provide several benefits to the customers that order them. Here are our six reasons why laminate lockers should be your next investment during a locker-room remodel.

1. Laminate is Easy to Maintain

One of the many reasons why we love laminate is that as a surface, it is extremely easy to maintain and keep clean. Porous surfaces are easily susceptible to bacteria growth and stains, especially in locker room settings like schools and fitness centers. Since laminate is a solid surface this build-up doesn’t happen.

Cleaning your laminate lockers is easy. Pick your favorite, trusted surface cleaner, spray on, and wipe down. It’s that simple.

2. Easy on the Wallet

While laminate may have the ability to look upscale, it is not going to break the budget on a remodel. Purchasing lockers made from other surface materials can really become a nightmare when pricing comes into the picture. Remember that with laminate, you can get the same, expensive look as another material, but for a fraction of the cost.

3. Laminate is durable Material

Laminate, although inexpensive, is an extremely durable material and is able to weather the elements of its environment. Laminate is resistant to:

  • Moisture
  • Shock
  • Impact
  • Pressure

With lockers this durable, it is no wonder that so many schools across the nation trust laminate lockers to hold student’s materials.

4. Keeps Odors Out

As mentioned before, laminate is easy to maintain and bacteria will not build up. Because of the low-maintenance involved with the material, these lockers do not hold onto odors and maintain a pleasant atmosphere for the many individuals that would be using them at a business.

5. Eco-Friendly

Laminate is a very eco-friendly material that doesn’t involve the use of harmful paints and coatings during its production process. Not only that, but it is partially made of recycled materials. If your business or school is concerned about the environment, consider going green by ordering eco-friendly, custom laminate lockers.

6. Laminate is Customizable

One of the greatest things about this material is that it is easily customizable to be used in any room or environment. With other material options, you have to take what you get as far as looks are concerned. However, with laminate lockers, you can either have a standard surface look, or something that is a little more unique to your business’ style. With laminate the choices for customization appear to be endless. Once you have the idea of a look together, your locker manufacturer can help you achieve the look that you want for your lockers!

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If you are on the lookout for premium laminate and veneer lockers for your business, Legacy Lockers has the selection that you need. Get in touch with us today to find out about our excellent spec builders and the products offered in our locker store. We look forward to creating custom lockers to fit your needs.

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