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5 Ways to Build a Better Locker Room Culture

What’s the most important thing about your locker room? What is it that makes it worth your investment ? No matter the industry, the answer is always the same: The people.  How can you build a better locker room culture, the type that makes people want to spend time in your locker room? We have a few suggestions.

  1. Create a comfortable atmosphere. You want your clients to feel relaxed and comfortable enough to hang out and chat with each other. That’s the only way you’ll foster the camaraderie that keeps them coming back. Whether it’s a team locker room or the locker room at a fitness club, you want people to connect and bond, so they’ll feel more at home.
  2. Always Know Their Name. You want everyone in your organization to be just as enthusiastic as you are to be there, and you want your customers to feel they’d never want to go anywhere else. Make them feel like part of the family when they’re at your club, by remembering their birthdays, celebrating their accomplishments and interacting with them.
  3. Be sure your staff aligns with your values. A clean locker room is important, but that’s only half the battle.  Just as important is a welcoming staff, one that is always willing to help when needed and believes in the core values of your organization. Your staff, like your clientele, should feel like your organization is the only place they want to be.
  4. Pay attention to details. Little niceties like complimentary shampoos and lotions in the locker room are not a big deal, but they can make a guest feel pampered. Another way to make your customers feel like honored guests is to create a luxury locker room, with high-end fixtures that make it feel like a spa.
  5. Invite communication. Your customers are the lifeblood of your organization, and what they think of your facility, including your locker room, really matters. Ask for input, pay attention to what works and what doesn’t, and be willing to adjust your vision to suit your clientele.

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