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5 Tips to Ensure a Successful Locker Installation

11-30-2018 |

When you are ready to upgrade your business’ locker room, make sure to go with the professionals at Legacy Lockers. Not only do we have the supply and style that you need for your redesign, but we also provide the information necessary for a successful locker installation.

Our customers usually install their lockers on their own or have this job commissioned by a third-party. If you plan on performing your own installation, here are five quick tips that should help make the process a winning effort!

  • Have the right tools on hand
  • Know the lingo
  • Check your room dimensions
  • Loading Safety
  • Make sure your lockers are secure in place

1. Be Prepared with the Right Tools for the Job

Your locker installation is not something that you would carry out like an Ikea furniture setup. This will take some work and effort on your behalf, so being equipped with the right tools to safely carry out the job is important. Some of the tools that we recommend utilizing in your build include drills, circular saw, measuring tape, hammers, screws, and screwdrivers. Since this work entails a lot of hand tools, there are chances of hand cuts or lacerations happening. So, ensure that you also get personal protective equipment such as cut-resistant gloves like those from Unigloves ( to be on the safe side.

2. Study the Definitions in Your Installation Guide

Installing your custom lockers is going to be a task that involves you having to understand the many different aspects of the build. Most of these terms are going to be industry-specific and may seem foreign to the average person.

Legacy Lockers understands that you will want to have your lockers installed as quickly as possible. That is why, in every installation guide, we have included a list of important terms and their definition based on your particular build.

3. Double-Check Your Room Dimensions

We say that you can never measure your room dimensions enough times before an installation. Make sure to accurately record these dimensions, then compare them to the dimensions of your delivered lockers. The last thing you want to do is carry out your installation labor only to discover your lockers won’t fit.

4. Be Prepared for the Load

Your locker delivery will likely be floor loaded or palletized. Regardless of your locker delivery method, it is important that you find out what it is and have a plan to safely unload your lockers to the fitness center or similar installation site.

5. Ensure That Your Lockers Are Secure

After the initial installation, you want to make sure that your new lockers are completely secure. Your lockers should not be able to tip over and should connect together while being secured to the base and wall of the locker room. This process will be detailed in your locker installation guide.

Make Locker Installation a Successful Process with Information from Legacy Lockers

Legacy Lockers is proud to be a leading provider of premium lockers to gyms, country clubs, educational systems, hospitals, and more. We understand the importance of keeping your business’ goods secure through reliable locker products. If you know that it is time for a locker room remodel, contact us today to find out how to start the process.

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