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4 Workplace Locker Designs That Keep Your Business Moving

Lockers are essential pieces of work equipment that not only store belongings but make your workplace a better place for business.

While most people approach buying new lockers as a simple selection of standard lockers, there are so many features that can be added through customization that truly make the purchase worthwhile.

Vikindu Here’s a look at 4 workplace locker designs that can really make a difference in how your business operates.

Lockers with Built-In Mail Slots

Oftentimes, a business receives mail for multiple recipients in the building. In most cases, this mail is hand-delivered after being left with a front desk assistant in an office.

While this action may not seem out of the ordinary, it can pose a potential privacy risk when essential documents are mailed and the recipient isn’t available to accept their mail.

Fortunately, custom lockers can come with built-in mail slots that allow for an extra layer of privacy during the mail delivery process. Our lockers can include mail slots that can accept letter-sized envelopes and even larger folders for important work documents.

Carindale Don’t leave anything to chance, make sure that your custom lockers keep business privacy, private!

High-Visibility Lockers

Jobs based in high-security locations can install advanced security solutions like access control systems (go here for more info), which might provide key entry, card entry, and passcode entry for admission. Such systems only permit authorized personnel to go inside the building and often prevent thieves and robbers’ entrance into the premise. Along with that, high visibility locker might be required for the employees that work in hospitals, schools, courthouses, or prisons, as standard lockers may not be the most secure option for their safety.

High-visibility lockers take away the mystery of what lies behind a locked locker door. These see-through doors have the ability to lock like a standard locker but are able to have their contents reviewed without physical access to the interior of the locker. For safety equipment such as fire extinguishers, biohazard suit gear or gas masks being able to locate these in record time can make a huge difference.

High-visibility options are also an excellent way to ensure that weapons, illegal materials, or stolen goods aren’t stored in your lockers for later use. In summary, use this type of locker to keep your workplace as safe as possible.

Open and Closed Locker Space

If your business is one that doesn’t have a lot of extra space but your employees still need somewhere to store belongings, shared lockers with cubbies and standard locker options can be a great addition to your business. This way, employees have a place to store their private valuables and can keep their desks clutter-free by using cubby space for office supplies or other useful storage needs.

Cell-Phone Lockers

If you work in a hotel or spa, your business can’t afford employees to be distracted by their cell phones and tablets. Cell-phone lockers provide a secure and compact space for your employees to store their valuables.

Even if you don’t have enough room at your location to install a standard set of vinyl or wood lockers, our spec tool can help you determine the amount of space you’d need to treat your employees to some extra security through cell phone lockers.

Create Custom Lockers to Meet All of Your Needs With Legacy Lockers

If you need custom lockers to help keep your business booming, the team at Legacy Lockers can help you customize a set of lockers to your requirements. We are expert craftsmen that can create beautiful, effective lockers that protect your employee’s belongings while keeping up the aesthetics of your location.

Contact us today to learn more about the customization process for your new set of lockers!

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