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3 Tips for Designing a Custom Locker

Candiac 03-6-2018 |

When your business needs a new set of custom lockers, designing them to be just the right fit is important. Take a few design tips from the experts and find out how you can get a head start on your installation process.

1. Location of the Custom Locker

When you are going to provide your location with a premium locker, then it is very important that you know your location. What we mean by this is that you understand how much space you have to work with.

By working with a professional company like Legacy Lockers you can have access to a team that understands how to work with specific spaces. What you can do to start is work with a program like our premium locker specification builder. After you have measured your location and know what size of work space that you have, you can move forward with determining the actual size and specifications of your custom lockers.

2. Know Your Clients and Their Industry

Simply knowing the size of the locker that you need is not enough. Different industries require different sizes and designs for their lockers. If you are designing for a school, then you would have a much different focus on locker design than if you were designing an athletic team locker.

For example, sports lockers are usually larger, front-opening lockers, that have specific storage options for athletic gear. Whereas a medical locker may be single tier and have more of a design built for holding clothing and other small, personal accessories while the doctor or nurse is on shift.

A locker is meant to be an extremely functional unit for any industry that uses them. That is why fully understanding the needs of your industry is so important to the design. Wasted space is never good in any workplace. Every locker designed by Legacy Lockers is configured for optimal functionality.

3. Mix Up the Design

When designing your custom locker, don’t be afraid to challenge yourself and make the design unique and fun. Don’t just settle for a standard metal locker, explore other door/interior finishes like a wood veneer or laminate selection.

Have some fun with the locker dimensions themselves. The interior of your locker is going to need to be efficient, but you also want to consider mixing up the design. This means adding in some hanging racks among the standard shelves. Create a locker that will make the user feel like they have a personalized space in your location that fits all of their basic storage needs.

Legacy Lockers Will Customize Your Project

If you are in need of specialty lockers for your workplace or school, let Legacy Lockers be the guiding hand for your project’s success. We offer state-of-the-art manufacturing in Dallas and have over 65 years of experience in our field. Get in touch with us today to find out about our services.

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