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  • Wood lockers at upscale clubhouses make for a great selfie

    Social Video & the Locker Room: What You Need to Know

    click for more Before the digital age, locker room etiquette was pretty simple. Respect each other’s privacy, clean up after yourself and strive to coexist peacefully. Now, though, with the advent of the ubiquitous handheld digital device, the rules have become more complicated. How can club owners and …

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  • Legacy Lockers is well known for creating luxury lockers

    A Look at Legacy Lockers’ Labor Methods

    Legacy Lockers is well known for creating luxury lockers that lend an elegant ambiance to upscale locker rooms. But what goes on behind the scenes at Legacy Lockers? To reach the end result of high quality custom lockers, you have to start with a beautifully …

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  • Luxury lockers are installed to make clubhouses the best they can be

    How to Use FourSquare To Increase Clubhouse Loyalty

    For your clubhouse to be a success, it has to be a special place. You want your clients to feel comfortable enough there to frequent it, and to tell their friends about it. In making your clubhouse the best it can be, you’ve probably already …

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