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  • High quality athletic facilities require high quality athletic lockers

    Investing in Athletic Facilities Can Help Build Champions

    How important is your athletic facility in the grand scheme of your athletic program? Is the locker room vital to the success of your athletes, or is it enough to have good coaches and talented players? Interestingly, there’s a striking commonality among successful college athletic …

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  • The perfect temperature for wooden lockers

    What’s the Perfect Temperature for Wooden Lockers

    Wooden lockers give your locker room a polished look, elevating your design to a higher standard of elegance. As the weather gets colder, however, and you need to raise the indoor temperature to accommodate your guests, you might worry that what’s comfortable for your clientele …

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  • Assigning luxury lockers to new members

    How to Assign Luxury Lockers to New Organization Members

    Luxury locker assignment may not seem like a difficult task, but there are many factors to consider. When new members join your organization, you will find that having a checklist of considerations when assigning lockers can go a long way in protecting both the organization …

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  • Repurpose your old lockers and make room for the new

    Repurposing Your Old Lockers to Make Room for the New

    So, you’re getting new lockers! This is a really exciting step for your organization, especially if you’re upgrading from ordinary lockers to luxury lockers. The question will probably arise, however: what should you do with the lockers you’re replacing? Here are some great ideas to …

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