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  • Benefits of the Z configuration locker

    Benefits of the Z Configuration Locker

    Even if you’ve purchased lockers in the past, you may not be aware of the Z configuration locker. That’s because the Z configuration locker is a little bit unusual, and not every locker company carries anything quite like it. It’s a very clever option and …

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  • The advantages of having lockers in large open spaces

    The Advantages of Having Lockers in Large, Open Spaces

    Lockers belong in locker rooms, right? In the modern fitness facility, that statement might be wrong. Increasingly, club owners are learning that there are many advantages to having lockers in large, open spaces within the club. So, what’s the draw of lockers in the middle …

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  • Understanding the construction of our lockers

    Understanding the Construction of our Lockers

    Lockers can be made from a variety of materials, and the materials you choose should be largely determined by the way the lockers will be used. At Legacy Lockers, each style of locker is built with high quality construction and materials, made to be durable …

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  • Modernize your club by retrofitting locker locks

    Modernize your Club by Retrofitting Locker Locks

    Locker locks may not be something that people think much about, but they are one component of an athletic facility that almost every visitor will encounter. While no one chooses a gym based on a locker lock, the wrong locker locks can mar the experience …

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